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TrackMania United Forever

Entwickler: Nadeo
Publisher: Deep Silver
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.05.2008
Genre: Rennspiel
Plattformen: PC

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TrackMania United Forever Patch #1


- improved checkpoint time deltas
- closing of application in laps mode
- hide to close modified in cam 3
- force opponent visible keep hide to close and set number
- very high shadow problems on some graphic boards
- reflections in desert water in more configurations
- 259 to 260 medals crash removed
- fixed map browsing of personal campaign
- stereoscopic additional modes
- spectator cam fixes
- maniacode play_track on same track working
- update custom challenge score at download
- various small interface glitches

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29.03.2010 18:39 Uhr ntut (Gast)

got bored XD

28.02.2012 17:15 Uhr lol (Gast)


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